Black Blanket


After a rough night the group decides to explore the subway system more, and to try and scavenge more supplies. Leaving El Raul with Me, they set out and start exploring.

The rest of the crew explored, finding a sledge hammer and some unfinished rails, and eventually find a terminal to exit. The terminal has been burned, and in the soot they saw a few stray foot prints, traffic going in and out. They also spotted a pile of rags. James inspected them and found the body of a man that had been dead roughly a week. He did have some dried beef though, yummy.

The explorers peeked out at the surface and found a well worn path in the snow. Following it, they came across a fortified building. A slit was opened and they group was asked questions, eventually armed men appeared. They were searched and allowed inside after being found to not belong to any tribe. Their leader, Dan Ban Dong, spoke fluent English and had been a teacher before the bombs. The group discovered that they were in the suburbs of Seoul, Korea, and that Me’s name was actually Mi, and that this was her home. Ufuk and Will left to retrieve Mi and prepare to stay the night with the group of survivors they found, while James stayed and tended to the sick of the group.

Many were suffering from inadequate clothing, and a fever was running through several in the group. James treated them all as best as he could and eventually was shone a man suffering from radiation poisoning, likely from traversing the remains of the nuclear power plant. Dan told him that the area that people were getting sick from it was increasing every year. The man was given some morphine to help with the pain, with the prognosis that he was likely going to die.

After an hour the rest of the group made it back, Raul staying outside to deal with a ‘Blue’ Tribe scout that they had ran into. Ufuk was ready to make a water filtration system for the survivors with charcoal provided by Dan.

Other information learned:

There are several Tribes that are based in the area, most notible are the Orange (the bastards that stormed the ship) and Blue, which are described as being silent sword wielding warriors. Like those ninjas that were in the movies before the bombs fell. Dan said some of the survivors had seen other colors further out, but they did not have regular contact with them, but assumed they would also be hostile.

Mi’s father is dead, killed from radiation poisoning. Mi ran from the shelter to find her dad, who she believed to still be alive.

THe inside out people are mostly an unknown, but there were rumors from a scavenger or two of the group that they had seem something like them, and the waste water treatment plant seemed to be the home of overly mutated humanoids.. if rumors are to be believed.



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