Black Blanket

Revenge! Part One.


Ufuk got around to setting up the charcoal and sand filter for the water system. With a bit of boiling we all have plenty of water. he also started setting up the housing for an air filtration system to be installed once we can find some filtering material.

The party was reunited with another man from the ship, Hank Hammerhands! Well, that’s what they had called him. With a gritty carapace like skin and fists that looked like hammers, the name had stuck. He seemed ready to deck some Orange jerks.

Some of Dan’s scavengers showed up, and in rough shape… James did his best to treat them, ending up having to cauterize the stump of an arm one man had after having it hacked off. they told us they had jumped by a group of Orange tribe people. We decided to set out to explore, and try to get revenge. When we got to the subway terminal we saw that it had been disturbed. There was new soot on the ground from a flaming weapon, and the unmistakable mark of the Orange tribe had been painted on the wall… and a Blue Tribe mark right over it. Raul made mention that maybe we could play the two sides against each other to weaken them. This went over well with the group, all that was needed was just some bodies and colored paint to make it happen. The party started scouting and found a dragging trail leading down the tunnel. They found a discarded arm, still clutching a kitchen knife as a weapon. James pocketed it since it suited him far better than a sledgehammer and continued, eventually finding the trail leading into a closed doorway into an access tunnel.

Raul got into position, pistol at the ready and James opened the door, hiding behind the wall. Four Orange Tribe troopers were on the other side and the party got the drop on them, quickly splattering the grey matter of one in a messy spray before they knew what happen had happened. Raul tried to get one more shot off before moving to get out of sight as an axe wielding maniac started to charge.



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