Black Blanket

Taking care of garbage


Alright, so the blue ninja guy left and we turned out attention to the corpse on the wall. Only.. he wasn’t dead. In fact, to me it looked like he could survive with a bit of stitching and a transfusion. I’m getting a sword out of the deal for getting him down.

Of course we started to interrogate him. We had to find out anything we could about our friends. Ufuk and Raul started out rough on the guy though, and his bleeding picked up… I tried to quietly tell them to not do that sort of thing unless we had to. I mean, just because they are brutal animals doesn’t mean we should be either. It took a lot of my nerve not to get in the way to stop it. Actually.. I was about to, seeing all that blood and everything was a bit too much, fortunately as I was moving into action Raul asked me to treat him.

He started speaking up and we got some information. Turns out that there are hundreds of orange guys, and that even though he’s been in for about a year, he’s not trusted to know much more over the level of his outpost. There are three fighting squads based there and from out count and other information, two squads are wiped out – his and the one we attacked. He also said the group we off ed were a bunch of lunatics, I can see that. He estimates that there are maybe 25 more people at his base which is the basement level of what probably was a department store, most of it is demolished up top so you have to enter through the subway.

He says that rumor has it that the blue tribe is not only filled with pricks, but… they’re massive, and another rumor, from the cook, says that they’re… international. We took it with a grain of salt.

He started telling us about supplies, food is delivered once every 3 weeks, and they aren’t allowed to look at the cart or whatever. We asked him what they had, he says he doesn’t see it being processed either… I tried to ask if it was… human, as vaguely as possible, but he would comment about the meatiness of it. What the fuck? Why did I even think of that?

Anyway, I made the motion that I could cleanly take him out, but Raul seems set to make it violent. Ufuk takes Walter away and the next few moments seem like an eternity. We yell at the guy, scare him… which I feel bad about, and I think Raul does too. I start to get air in the IV and.. Raul just shoots him in the head. We don’t say much to each other while leaving. Raul says he feels bad, and I pretty much tell him that I know, and I had been trying to make it so he didn’t have to do anything.

We regroup. That blue bastard chimes in again. But.. at least this time he has Alex with him.
Alex was an army guy from the ship… both him and BB say his bruises are from the orange guys.

The recruiting talk starts again. God… Ufuk seems to hold onto the old world so much, wanting the guy to sell the idea of joining up with Blue. I mean, it’s not bad in theory, but when to get anything here it seems like you have to be in a tribe… it’s more of join or die, and it seems just as likely that it might be death by starvation or illness rather than killed off for refusal to join. [CONTINUED LATER]



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