Black Blanket

The ship, the ship, the ship is on fire

We don't need no water.

The group spent the night in their shelter and waited until day to go to their burning ship. El Raul was troubled by nightmares. The ship was covered in orange graffiti and had been burnt using oil. Grappling hooks with chains hung from the sides of the ship. Walter managed to climb one of the chains and lowered a charred lifeboat to ferry the rest up one at a time. In a room they discovered the almost unrecognizable remains of a member of their crew. He had hid a metal lockbox with his body which Walter picked open with a hairpin. Inside was a letter explaining what happened, saying they were attacked in the night a mere hour after the group left, and were unprepared to defend. Most of the crew was taken prisoner, and from the sounds of it, they started the fire as soon as they got on the ship. There was also a map in the box explaining where the assailants base of operations was, or at least where they were taking the prisoners.

The party took what they could find and went back to the subway to make camp and decide on their next course of action.



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