Dr. Acula


Name: Dr. Acula – James “Ack” McCree
Age: 28
Appearance: Tall and lean to the point of looking gaunt because of the poor diet of a survivor. Dark brown hair and green eyes.

Health: 50

Mutations: Blood Donor, Natural Disinfectant, Thought Reading.

(K) Persuasion 5
(K) Leadership 5
(K) Trading 9
(K) Interrogation 5

(K) Engineering 5
(F) Fabrication 5
(F) Construction 5
(F) Security 5

(F) Hunting 5
(A) Scavenging 8
(K) First Aid 11
(K) Gardening 5

(F) Melee 8
(A) Ranged 5
(K) Explosives 5
(F) Defensive 8

(A) Sneaking 10
(A) Theft 5
(A) Camouflage 7
(F) Entry 9

(A) Packing 5
(F) Intimidation 5
(F) Lifting 5
(A) Seduction 5


Name Quantity
Clothing, Winter 1
Gas Mask with Respirator 1
Armour, Leather 1
First Aid Kit 1
Canteen (Empty) 1
Sledgehammer 1
Pocket Watch 1
Combat knife 1
Fireproof jumpsuit 1
Colander helm 1
orange scarves 3
fireproof bandana 1
gasmask(notworn) 1
mask with respirator 1
Canned Food 3
Glass Bottle 1
Salt (1 pound) 1

James McCree started life as a mostly carefree country boy with a knack for learning. He attended the medical school in order to be a physician, and was on vacation with his family between semesters before the bombs fell. He assisted the ship’s doctor with the treatment of the injured before the doctor himself became too ill to work. Over the past five years he has been the gave giver on the Marco Polo without complaint.

Dr. Acula

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