Hank Hammerhand


Name: Hank Hammerhand

Health: 100

Mutations: Exoskeleton, Hammer Hands, Rad Resistance, Air Freshener

(K) Persuasion 5
(K) Leadership 5
(K) Trading 5
(F-K) Interrogation 5

(K) Engineering 5
(F) Fabrication 5
(F) Construction 5
(F-X) Security 5

(F) Hunting 5
(A) Scavenging 5
(K) First Aid 5
(A-K) Gardening 5

(F) Melee 15
(A) Ranged 5
(K) Explosives 5
(A-F) Defensive 15

(A) Sneaking 5
(A) Theft 5
(A) Camouflage 5
(A-F) Entry 5

(A) Packing 5
(F) Intimidation 5
(F) Lifting 5
(X-K) Seduction 5


Clothing (Rags)
Utility Belt
Skull Themed Gask Mask with Respirator
Scrap metal armour (stop sign back)
Scrap Metal Armour (Arms)
Fitting Blue Plated Gentleman’s Body Armor
Clean Clothing
Combat Knife
Blue Bandanas
Blue Spraypaint

Utility Belt

Lighter (Near Full)

Canned Food: 6/7 days food
Clean Water (Jug): 13/15L
Canteen: 2/2L
Canteen: 2/2L


For a while, Hank thought he had a skin disease; maybe fallout was bad for his eczema. He couldn’t stop scratching and soon he was covered in scabs and all of his hair was gone. Once the itching was gone he hoped things would heal up, and they did. Kind of. As the scabs dried up and fell off, they revealed knots of tough twisted flesh, exposed shards of bone, and what he grudgingly had to accept as rough, rusty plates of metal. This phenomenon manifested itself most fully on his hands, where the skin, bone and metal all seem to lock into place together whenever he makes a fist.

Hank Hammerhand

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