Recruiter - Kurt

A recruiter for the blue tribe as well as apparent head of operations in the current area of the city.


The Recruiters name is apparently Kurt. He sounds American and speaks casually with a sense of humour. He approached the group with an offer of blue enrolment instead of quick death after their priorities switched to orange stomping. He gave no name, but proved to be generally likeable and quickly respected. He heads up operations in the current section of the city, said to be somewhere in the northern outskirts of Seoul, Korea. He has frequently cut deals with the group and talked to them casually, but often reasserts his authority in serious matters.

His powers seem to be stealth concentrated and he at least has the ability to become fully invisible through unknown means. He also seems more then proficient at assassination.
Walter saw him slit the throats of two men at once after giving him the thumbs up. Most of the group believe him to be everywhere and always watching like Santa or Jesus.


Recruiter - Kurt

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