Black Blanket


After a rough night the group decides to explore the subway system more, and to try and scavenge more supplies. Leaving El Raul with Me, they set out and start exploring.

The rest of the crew explored, finding a sledge hammer and some unfinished rails, and eventually find a terminal to exit. The terminal has been burned, and in the soot they saw a few stray foot prints, traffic going in and out. They also spotted a pile of rags. James inspected them and found the body of a man that had been dead roughly a week. He did have some dried beef though, yummy.

The explorers peeked out at the surface and found a well worn path in the snow. Following it, they came across a fortified building. A slit was opened and they group was asked questions, eventually armed men appeared. They were searched and allowed inside after being found to not belong to any tribe. Their leader, Dan Ban Dong, spoke fluent English and had been a teacher before the bombs. The group discovered that they were in the suburbs of Seoul, Korea, and that Me’s name was actually Mi, and that this was her home. Ufuk and Will left to retrieve Mi and prepare to stay the night with the group of survivors they found, while James stayed and tended to the sick of the group.

Many were suffering from inadequate clothing, and a fever was running through several in the group. James treated them all as best as he could and eventually was shone a man suffering from radiation poisoning, likely from traversing the remains of the nuclear power plant. Dan told him that the area that people were getting sick from it was increasing every year. The man was given some morphine to help with the pain, with the prognosis that he was likely going to die.

After an hour the rest of the group made it back, Raul staying outside to deal with a ‘Blue’ Tribe scout that they had ran into. Ufuk was ready to make a water filtration system for the survivors with charcoal provided by Dan.

Other information learned:

There are several Tribes that are based in the area, most notible are the Orange (the bastards that stormed the ship) and Blue, which are described as being silent sword wielding warriors. Like those ninjas that were in the movies before the bombs fell. Dan said some of the survivors had seen other colors further out, but they did not have regular contact with them, but assumed they would also be hostile.

Mi’s father is dead, killed from radiation poisoning. Mi ran from the shelter to find her dad, who she believed to still be alive.

THe inside out people are mostly an unknown, but there were rumors from a scavenger or two of the group that they had seem something like them, and the waste water treatment plant seemed to be the home of overly mutated humanoids.. if rumors are to be believed.

The ship, the ship, the ship is on fire
We don't need no water.

The group spent the night in their shelter and waited until day to go to their burning ship. El Raul was troubled by nightmares. The ship was covered in orange graffiti and had been burnt using oil. Grappling hooks with chains hung from the sides of the ship. Walter managed to climb one of the chains and lowered a charred lifeboat to ferry the rest up one at a time. In a room they discovered the almost unrecognizable remains of a member of their crew. He had hid a metal lockbox with his body which Walter picked open with a hairpin. Inside was a letter explaining what happened, saying they were attacked in the night a mere hour after the group left, and were unprepared to defend. Most of the crew was taken prisoner, and from the sounds of it, they started the fire as soon as they got on the ship. There was also a map in the box explaining where the assailants base of operations was, or at least where they were taking the prisoners.

The party took what they could find and went back to the subway to make camp and decide on their next course of action.

Getting Supplies
Didn't work out.

Group members in attendance: James McGee(Tphal) El Raul(BoldRobot) Walter Stevens(KakerMix) Ufuk Demir(Baronjutter)

The first trip off the ship Marco Polo for the group. They were instructed to go find supplies using the information provided by previous foraging groups. They were hoisted down to the ice using a winch and a life raft, and then they set off west towards a ruined city.

They reached the ravaged outskirts and found the only semi intact structure they could. It was the north east metro station that the ships other groups had been raiding. There wasn’t much left inside so after a quick look around James delicately lock picked a padlock keeping them from continuing into the subway tunnels.

Finding writing on several signs, and a newspaper, the group determined they may be somewhere in asia. They set out down the tunnels ignoring four doors. When they reached a bend in the tracks, they opened a service door and continued down some narrow service tunnels until they reached a sewer line. Traveling south in the rank darkness of the sewer, they could just make out a flickering light in the distance. Walter used his telescope and caught sight of a torch before it vanished around a corner. After much cautious discussion, they followed what they saw until finding a charred stuffed frog missing a button eye. Continuing on, they discovered a gate into a large dark room which all the sewage lines seemed to converge at. The gate had been tied shut with twine, and inside someone young sounded hurt.

After cutting the twine the group went in to see. A young asian girl who looked about nine, lay against a wall clutching her side. She had medium clothing and a respirator with a broken face strap. Her fingers were webbed due to mutation. She had been grazed by a bullet and was bleeding. James treated her wounds and preformed a blood transfusion while she used what little english she knew to try and caution the party to stay quiet. Her attempts failed however and they heard frightening groaning coming from the darkness. James picked the girl up, piggy back style, and they group bolted back the way they came not knowing what was chasing them. Ufuk scattered a hand full of nails behind them as they ran. Risking a look, El Raul glanced behind them to see what was following. He seemed even more terrified then before and urged the group to run faster.

They ran back into the service tunnels, El Raul and Ufuk barring the door behind them. They continued as quickly as they could back to the subway station where they discovered that the small girl had fallen unconscious at some point. Outside, night had fallen. Walter moved ahead to use his spyglass to try and locate the ship in the darkness. El Raul gathered his friends and told them what had been chasing them. He described as best he could that there were several creatures that looked like inside out people chasing after them. At that point Walter returned to them pale faced and upset. Through his telescope he had seen the ship in the darkness. It was hard to miss because it was on fire. Most of the upper deck was completely engulfed in flame.

The group stood silent in the dark while the reality of their situation set in.


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