Character Creation


Here you will find the steps to make a character. The process is not complicated, don’t worry.


Start with your characters name and age. Feel free to then write a short description of their appearance. This is also a good place to stick a picture if you feel so inclined. If you are wondering what a fitting name would be for yourself, all survivors name themselves, so look to your characters personality for a name. If you are wondering what a realistic age would be in this setting, this should help. The life expectancy currently is Immediate Agonizing Death. Every year after Immediate Agonizing Death is gravy. So there is no real standard age to restrict you because by all means, why are you still alive?!


NAME: Galthor The Wet-Fisted Savager.
AGE: 38
APPEARANCE: Galthor is a tall and muscular warrior with dripping moist fists. Why are his fists moist? No one lives long enough to say. He has long dark hair in a stylish, ahead of his time cut, a fearsome moustache, and wears only boots and the skull of an enemy. He must be chilly. Perhaps his flaming hot arm tats keep him warm.

Great! Now you have that out of the way. Time to give them skills!


Your character needs skills to make it out in this harsh world. You are the 1% of humanity who did. This is where you dictate how.
To start, every character has three skill pools. Now don’t panic, this is easy. All this is for is to give you a bunch of points you can spend. Simple as pee! The skill pools are:


Force is your ability pool for skills that require physical exertion. Agility is your ability pool for skills that require finesse. Knowledge is your ability pool for skills that require smarts and experience. Each skill pool has 10 points for you to spend at your leisure! Sweet deal! But hold up ace, there’s more! There is one more thing you can spend points on. You can increase your characters HEALTH as well! Keen! How to spend these points will be explained below.


It’s time to spend those 30 juicy points. But how, oh god HOW?! Well, pull on your learning pants and get ready for a lesson. Everything you can spend points on is handily listed with a (prefix). This is to tell you which pools points you can use to raise a skill with. The prefixes are (F)(A)(K) for basic skills. (F) skills require you to spend FORCE points. (A) requires AGILITY points, and (K) uses KNOWLEDGE points. You can not spend AGILITY points on a (K) skill or anything like that so don’t even try.

Here is where we mix it up however. The skills are split into categories containing 4 skills each. You will notice that one skill per category lists multiple skill prefixes. These are (A-F) (F-K) (A-K). Now calm right the hell down. This is simple too. This just means they are special skills that you can get freaky wild with. Pick one of the two pools and spend points only from that pool to buy it.

Now HEALTH is special. It’s prefix is (F-A-K). Unlike the special skills, you can put points from ANY pool into HEALTH instead of just one. This means that if you are willing to have less skills, you can make your character sturdier and healthier then the average. HEALTH starts at 50, and each point spent on it raises your health by 5. Skills all start at 5, and each point spent raises a skill by 1. These numbers might not mean much to you right now, and might not ever, but taking a look at the How To Play section might give you a better understanding. If you would prefer to just keep going with this, you can instead accept my assurances that 5 extra points of HEALTH is great and so is 1 extra point per skill. The more the merrier. HEALTH is capped at 100 however. That’s the most points in HEALTH you can have so take those spare points elsewhere good sir!

Go ahead and spend your points now using the tables below.

FORCE – 10pts
AGILITY – 10pts
SKILLS (+1 per point) 5=Untrained Average 7=Trained 9=Talented 10+=Virtuoso
HEALTH (+5 per point) 50=Average 60= Strong 70+=Beef Cake


(F-A-K)-HEALTH | 50 |

(K)-Persuasion | 5 |
(K)-Leadership | 5 |
(K)-Trading | 5 |
(F-K)-Interrogation | 5 |

(K)-Engineering | 5 |
(F)-Fabrication | 5 |
(F)-Construction | 5 |
(F-K)-Security | 5 |

(F)-Hunting | 5 |
(A)-Scavenging | 5 |
(K)-First Aid | 5 |
(A-K)-Gardening | 5 |

(F)-Melee | 5 |
(A)-Ranged | 5 |
(K)-Explosives | 5 |
(A-F)-Defensive | 5 |

(A)-Sneaking | 5 |
(A)-Theft | 5 |
(A)-Camouflage | 5 |
(A-F)-Entry | 5 |

(A)-Packing | 5 |
(F)-Intimidation | 5 |
(F)-Lifting | 5 |
(A-K)-Seduction | 5 |

Once you have spent all 30 points, you should have something that looks like the below example. Organized however you like of course.


As you can see, when spending points on the special skills, this player has crossed out one of the listed skill pools. This is because you may only spend points on a skill from one pool. This says how your character handles a task using that skill. For instance, choosing AGILITY as your pool for Defensive means you would dodge attacks and wear armour designed for ease of movement. Likewise, choosing FORCE would mean you block rather then dodge, and armour you design would be heavier but stronger. You may not leave both pools active. Pick a side, we’re at war.


Now for the fun part. Everyone alive is a Mutant. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger as they say. That puts you in the lucky 1%. Now you get to pick the mutation that didn’t manage to kill you like everyone else.

You MUST choose one mutation. You however are allowed to take a maximum of two. Taking one power carries no penalty. Taking two can be a huge benefit, but in doing so you will become subject to a drawback. The GM will choose one of your powers and apply a secret drawback to your sheet. It is up to the GM’s discretion and imagination. The only requirement is that it must make sense in relation to you powers, and must not be directly lethal to you. Once your character has deduced the drawback in game, it can be officially recorded on your sheet instead of hidden. Three mutations would be lethal and can only be obtained as the game progresses, at the GM’s discretion of course.

Now please select Minimum 1 Mutation, Maximum 2. Clicking the title will direct you to a detailed list explaining each one.

Sticky Palms, Thick Hair, Strong Digestion, Reduced Sleep, Claw-Like Hands, Webbed Feet, Low Light Vision, Third Eye, Internal Compass, Pheromones, Sharp Vision, Flexible Bones, Camel Back, Glow Stick, Owl Neck, Chameleon, Gills, Large Lungs, Danger Sense, Bloodhound, Double Joints, Extra Limb, Filtered Lungs, Vomit Spray, Thick Skin, Steady Nerves, High Pain Threshold, Electric Conduit, Thought Reading, Natural Calculator, Photo Memory, Audio Playback, Eye Membrane, Horns, Cupped Ears, Internal Storage, Hammer Hands, Quiet, Social Butterfly, Spring Feet, Vampiric Fangs, Easy Sleeper, Long Arms, Microwave Oven, Regrowth, Prehensile Tail, Prehensile Feet, Body Spikes, Limb Substitution, Natural Disinfectant, Eager Organics, Megaphone, Human Battery, Glue Spitter, Antenna, Thermos, Refrigerator, X-ray Eyes, Sanitized Metabolism, Dowser, White Noise Machine, Tentacles, Diverse Diet, Blood Donor, Iron Grip, Balloon Boy, Magnetic, Razor Edge, Stove Top, Cushy Padding, Exoskeleton, Purifier, Frightening Visage, Foul Stench, Super Elephantiasis, Blind Sonar, Compound Eyes, Hardened Teeth, Egg Production, Udders, Stinger, Salivator, Ink Sac, Fertile, Light Eater, Rad Resistant.

Now that you have your skills and mutation(s), it’s time to gear up.


You may have mutant powers, and all the knowledge to get the job done, but without an inventory full of junk and crap, you are about as pointless as existence. You need tools to get the job done or you can’t do it. You need clothes to keep you from freezing to death. You almost assuredly need a gas-mask or respirator to even breath. It is now time to gather those essentials. Or as much as you can scrounge up and run with anyway.

You start out with a limited amount of stuff. Like skills, you are provided with points you get to spend. Each starting item will have a cost and an amount of required space measured in units. You are limited to what you can afford and how much you can carry. You start out with 200 LOOT points, and can carry 75units. Packing skill does not effect your starting limit, and neither does buying backpacks. Those are for in game. Make them points count!

tl;dr: You can start with 200 points worth of gear, but you can only carry 75 units worth to start. Using the packing skill and buying bags doesn’t increase your carry limit until you start playing.

One clothing item may stack with one armour item. Guns do not come loaded.

LOOT Points: 200

Lockbox (empty) 9 25 8 units locked storage
Backpack (empty) 0 25 30 units extended storage
Canteen (empty) 2 2 2L liquid storage
Utility Belt (empty) 0 8 8x 1 unit extended storage pouches
Holster (Empty) 2 5 12 unit gun storage
Bandolier (Empty) 1 8 58 Shell ammo storage
Clothing, Light 6 8 Minor cold protection
Clothing, Heavy 10 15 Average cold protection
Clothing, Winter 15 30 Major cold protection
Clothing, Rags 1 0 Minor shame coverage
Clothing, Hazard Suit 40 140 Major radiation protection
Armour, Scrap 15 30 Average damage reduction
Armour, Hide 15 26 Minor damage reduction. Average cold protection
Armour, Leather 7 28 Medium damage reduction
Armour, Hockey 8 25 Medium damage reduction
Helmet, Scrap 8 25 Average head damage reduction
Helmet, Riot 12 75 Good head damage reduction
Goggles 2 5 Average eye protection
Respirator, Disposable 2 8 2 days minor air filtration
Respirator 3 25 1 week average air filtration
Gas Mask 4 35 Average air filtration. Minor radiation protection
Gas Mask with Respirator 5 50 Major air filtration. Average radiation protection
Oxygen Tank (Half Full) 7 60 5 hours of clean toxin free air
Lighter (Near Full) 1 50 1 month of use or longer
Matchbook (Full) 0 5 12 matches
Playing Cards, Old 1 5 Mismatched Backs, Full deck
Hammer 2 10 Skill Tool
Nails 2 2 100 iron nails
Crowbar 3 10 Skill Tool
Lock Picks 1 15 Skill Tool
Telescope, Small 8 35 Doubles view distance
Welding Mask 4 15 Average face damage reduction
Welding Torch 2 25 Skill Tool
Saw 4 10 Skill Tool
Hatchet 4 18 Skill Tool
Machette 4 15
First Aid Kit 8 40 Skill Tool
Dry Rations 1 4 1 meal
Jerky 1 4 1 meal
Canned food, (???) 1 6 1 day of food
Scotch 2 25 1L
┼ákorpion vz. 61, Worn 30 100 10 round 7.65×17mm magazine, Loose stock
AK-47, Worn 55 125 40 round 7.62×39mm magazine, Damaged iron sights
M1 Carbine 45 120 30 round .30 Carbine magazine
Walther PPK 12 90 7+1 round 7.65×17mm magazine
Ammo, .30 Carbine 1 15 5 rounds
Ammo, .32 ACP 1 15 5 rounds
Ammo, .380 ACP 1 15 5 rounds
Ammo, 7.62×39mm 1 15 5 rounds
Combat Knife 5 25
Shovel 8 10 Skill Tool
Leather Working Kit 10 10 Skill Tool
Sledge Hammer 15 12 Skill Tool
Straight Razor 2 8
Shaving Kit 1 4
Clean Water, Jug 20 40 4 Gallons
Clean Water, Glass Bottle 4 5 1L
Gardening Kit 10 15 Skill Tool. No seeds
Propane Tank (Full) 50 100 20lbs compressed fuel

This is of course just a small list of available starting gear. The availability of additional gear is determined by the GM in game. Once in game, storage space gained though items, or the packing skill will begin to apply.

Lets take a look at the example character again now that he has his mutant powers revealed, and some new loot!


Oh. Well that’s not a very good example. Well. It’s an example of what NOT to do I suppose. He barely spent any of his LOOT points so they’re all gone. He didn’t even come close to his carry limit. The only real example here is showing that you can add simple cosmetic changes to clothing. More advanced changes to clothing and armour require the fabrication skill in game however. I shudder to imagine where he is keeping the jerky and scotch.

And hey what the hell. I totally had his mutation pegged as Sticky Palms. I guess we’ll never know the truth now.


Well, by now you should have filled out all the information you need to play this game. If you’ve made it this far and you have a character. Congratulations. The complicated stuff is done with. Once you become familiar with gameplay you will be ready to subject your poor ragged champion to the horrors of nuclear winter. Let’s see how long they last.

Character Creation

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