The following is a list of available mutations and descriptions.

Sticky Palms, Thick Hair, Strong Digestion, Reduced Sleep, Claw-Like Hands, Webbed Feet, Low Light Vision, Third Eye, Internal Compass, Pheromones, Sharp Vision, Flexible Bones, Camel Back, Glow Stick, Owl Neck, Chameleon, Gills, Large Lungs, Danger Sense, Bloodhound, Double Joints, Extra Limb, Filtered Lungs, Vomit Spray, Thick Skin, Steady Nerves, High Pain Threshold, Electric Conduit, Thought Reading, Natural Calculator, Photo Memory, Audio Playback, Eye Membrane, Horns, Cupped Ears, Internal Storage, Hammer Hands, Quiet, Social Butterfly, Spring Feet, Vampiric Fangs, Easy Sleeper, Long Arms, Microwave Oven, Regrowth, Prehensile Tail, Prehensile Feet, Body Spikes, Limb Substitution, Natural Disinfectant, Eager Organics, Megaphone, Human Battery, Glue Spitter, Antenna, Thermos, Refrigerator, X-ray Eyes, Sanitized Metabolism, Dowser, White Noise Machine, Tentacles, Diverse Diet, Blood Donor, Iron Grip, Balloon Boy, Magnetic, Razor Edge, Stove Top, Cushy Padding, Exoskeleton, Purifier, Frightening Visage, Foul Stench, Super Elephantiasis, Blind Sonar, Compound Eyes, Hardened Teeth, Egg Production, Udders, Stinger, Salivator, Ink Sac, Fertile, Light Eater, Rad Resistant.

Sticky Palms,
Your palms can produce a sticky substance that allows you to climb easily. It does not work though gloves however so it can only be used for a limited time in extreme cold temperatures.

Thick Hair,
Your hair is very thick, and there is a lot of it all over. You can keep warm much easier then most and don’t rely on heavy clothing in the cold.

Strong Digestion,
Upset stomach? Not you. You can handle your food, in almost any state. Rotten food and raw meat goes down just as easily as Mamma’s home cooked meals, god rest her nuclear zombie bones.

Reduced Sleep,
You require a fraction of the sleep others do to replenish your energy, a good 1 or 2 hours will do you just fine. Night watch duty, here you come!

Claw-Like Hands,
Your hands are claw like in nature, either with sharpened long nails, or pointed fingers, perhaps even crab like pincers, you decide. Regardless you have yourself a natural weapon!

Webbed Feet,
Your toes are connected by a membrane like a frog. Now you just need to find a post apocalyptic swim team.

Low Light Vision,
If there is light somewhere around, no matter how dim, you can see. Your visibility is much MUCH better then others in dark situations. Just as long as it isn’t pitch black.

Third Eye,
No one told you to stop at two. You have an extra eye somewhere on your body that you can see out if you concentrate.

Internal Compass,
What direction are we going? You know. You always know. Magnetic North….it calls to you…

Oh, you suddenly smell…more attractive! You can produce pheromones at will that will make people look at you in a different light. Just… be careful using it in a crowded room.

Sharp Vision,
Your eyes don’t zoom or anything, but you can read that way off sign, or tell what that man in the distance running towards you is pointing at you. Your far vision is sharp and clear. The stuff of bifocalore.

Flexible Bones,
Your bones bend! Just try and break them! Go on I dare you.

Camel Back,
The hump isn’t too bad. Really, it’s barely noticeable. Hey just wear this backpack, you look great! And you can store a lot of water in it. That’s cool right? Of course it is.

Glow Stick,
Shake around, common get down, move around. You are now a light source. You emit a healthy glow that can light up the area.

Owl Neck,
You can turn your head all the way backwards and look behind you. Keen! Then you can really really quickly turn it the other way to the same point and then back slower to trick people into thinking you can twist it all the way around. They will be totally shocked and scared and stuff. Great at parties.

Your skin can change pattern and tone to reflect what you are in contact with. The camouflage will seep from your skin into cloth you are wearing, but not leather or metal. Cloth clothing will stay dyed until a new pattern is absorbed.

What up fish boy. You can breath underwater good for you.

Large Lungs,
You can hold your breath for a really long time. Twenty minutes at least.

Danger Sense,
Once and a while you will just see it coming. You have a chance to detect and react to incoming danger before it’s too late.

Your nose knows. Many things. Sometimes terrible things. You can smell those things a mile off and follow scents.

Double Joints,
Your knees aren’t supposed to go that direction? Who says! You are a trend setter! Your joints bend whatever direction you want.

Extra Limb,
You grew something extra. While whatever it is seems to be less functional then your standard appendages, it works.

Filtered Lungs,
Your lungs have a natural filtration system. You don’t have to rely on gas masks or respirators in anything but the deadliest conditions.

Vomit Spray,
The most revolting of projectile attacks. You can spew on command, and in quantity. Where does it all come from? You could swear you didn’t even eat that much. It just keeps coming and coming like clowns from a car. The bile in your vomit is potent and can mildly burn skin, especially eyes.

Thick Skin,
You have tough leathery hide. You are resistant to cuts and scrapes, and you don’t even feel most blunt damage.

Steady Nerves,
Your hands are perfectly still and stable. You don’t get worked up and shaky in excitement. You are never shocked.

High Pain Threshold,
While most would pass out with their severed limbs on the ground, and their blood all around them, you didn’t even feel it! The part of your brain that sends pain to damaged parts of your body took a vacation.

Electric Conduit,
You can channel electricity like a cable. Electrical current travelling through your body does not harm you in the slightest. You are a natural lighting rod in a storm.

Thought Reading,
If you are close enough to someone, you can concentrate and hear their immediate thoughts. That guard is distressed about his burning crotch itch? Now you know about that. You can’t un-know that.

Natural Calculator,
Lightening math! While your dumb, illiterate peers are fumbling to add, you are dividing their shares of the loot by square roots and multiplying your share by the power of…well whatever man, you can math real fast. Stop being such a know it all prick.

Photo Memory,
Click! You now remember what you saw forever. Your brain is a well organized photo album you can reference at will. Colour photos too! None of that caveman black and white for your mind.

Audio Playback,
Remember the Yak Bak? That was a cool toy. One of many popular key ringed gizmos. You are similar, and can open your mouth and play back whatever you just heard. Just keep your mouth closed until you need it, or it will come out!

Eye Membrane,
A second clear eyelid protects your eyes. You can raise and lower it as freely as your natural eyelids. They function as well as goggles, but don’t impair your peripheral vision.

You have horns, somewhere on your body. Most likely your head, but hey man it takes all types…

Cupped Ears,
Your ears are strong and curved like cups allowing you to catch sound-waves with greater efficiency. You can hear things a long way off, and very clearly, but loud noises near by won’t make you cringe in pain. Don’t worry.

Internal Storage,
You can carry things inside your body. Via natural pockets, or hidden compartments. Whatever man. You are the ultimate mule. Your carry capacity is double the norm, and effected by the Packing skill. If anyone wants to rob your second storage, they’re going to have to find it first and hope it’s nowhere too interesting.

Hammer Hands,
Your hands are very hard, and when you make a fist, you have a natural hammer. They work as both a tool and weapon.

You barely make noise. When you walk, you walk lightly and silently. Those metal pans hanging off your backpack don’t even seem to make a sound as they clang together. You seem to be able to emit a very localized sound dampening field. Just remember to suppress it when you have something to say.

Social Butterfly,
You have a knack for fitting in. After spending a short amount of time with anyone, you can mimic their mannerisms. They will respond favourably to you as long as you can get your shoe in the door.

Spring Feet,
You can jump quite high. Your feet are almost like springs when you want them to be. You can leap over fences no problem.

Vampiric Fangs,
Look ma! I’m Dracula. Dracula is still a cool vampire right? You can bite as an attack, or use your fangs to draw blood, healing you slightly. Your mutation isn’t infectious however, and don’t worry about garlic or any of that other dumb shit.

Easy Sleeper,
Need to get to sleep? You can nod off anywhere! Bed of rusty nails and rocks? No problem. Might as well be a non soiled feather mattress. Bombs going off? Might as well be a lullaby.

Long Arms,
You have way long arms. You can reach further then your friends. Can anyone say, “top shelf”? You can! Because this mutation doesn’t impair your speech at all. It just makes your arms longer.

Microwave Oven,
Ding! Anything you eat, cooks to perfection inside your stomach!

Like a lizard, you will eventually regrow any lost limbs. Any body part you loose will come back after a day or two.

Prehensile Tail,
You have a tail that you can manipulate like a hand. Hang from it. Hold things with it. Lift up skirts with it. You cad!

Prehensile Feet,
Your feet are tough and leathery and prehensile. They can grip like a gorilla, and are resistant to cuts and damage, including cold.

Body Spikes,
Your body has protruding spikes on it. You can use them like weapons, or to deter predators. You’ll just have to figure out laying down comfortably, among other things…

Limb Substitution,
Lose an arm? It’s ok, just sew on a new one! Anyones will do. Your body will accept the new limb after about an hour or so and it will heal fully after a day or two. You may have to shave them down a bit so you don’t walk in circles though.

Natural Disinfectant,
Don’t worry about infection. Your blood works like rubbing alcohol! If you are bleeding it’s a clean wound.

Eager Organics,
Is your liver failing? Punctured lung? No need for complex surgery. Just grab an organ someone is no longer using and take out the old one. Your body will accept it and put everything in the right place. Just make sure you or someone else sews you closed again.

AM I TALKING TOO LOUD?! SORRY! Is this better? You can keep raising your voice until everyone can hear you for miles.

Human Battery,
You can absorb energy from one source and carry it to another. You store energy like a battery. While extreme energies will harm you, such as strong electricity, or flames, you can gently absorb the heat or power from a safe source and transfer it into another at any time. Flashlight died? Feed it a little power from the generator you touched earlier.

Glue Spitter,
You can spit up very strong adhesive at will. Your innards also produce a solvent, making you immune to your own brand. No horses were harmed in the acquiring of this mutant power.

You can pick up and listen to radio waves naturally. If someone is transmitting, you can tune right in.

You can retain heat for quite a while. If you stand near warmth, you absorb it and it will stay with you for hours keeping you very warm.

You can absorb the cold chill of the surface and put it whoever you want. You are not immune to frostbite however so bundle up and don’t keep it long.

X-ray Eyes,

If you squint, you can just make out whats under someones clothes. Saucy! No one can hide a weapon or a treasure from your powerful eyes.

Sanitized Metabolism,
Your shit don’t stink, and neither do you! You in fact, produce no ill odours at all! This makes you hard to smell coming, and fairly likeable being the only one around who doesn’t smell like shit, piss, and pit stank. Dirt still though, maybe.

You can feel underground springs calling to you. You know exactly where to dig to hit precious water.

White Noise Machine,
You can produce loud white noise, blocking all other sound in the area.

Finally your sick nerd Otaku fantasies have an outlet. You have tentacles, be they octopus, squid, or other. They can each hold things and move independently but are weak and can’t lift much or be used with force on their own. When used all together however you can triple your dragging strength. Please don’t miss-use these appendages.

Diverse Diet,
Hey that’s not food. Don’t eat those shoes man they’re…oh ok, it looks like you got them down. You can eat some things that aren’t really considered food. While they will not give you as much energy as real food, you can easily stomach gravel, dirt, bark, whatever you can swallow that isn’t dangerous really.

Blood Donor,
Did you lose a lot of blood? It’s cool, just drink some. It’ll somehow get where it needs to go. There is no type that doesn’t match your extra special blood. Type ZOB+. You made that type up. Who’s going to tell you you’re wrong? Not the guy who’s blood you’re stealing, that’s for sure! If you’re feeling generous, you can donate your blood to a friend too. It only takes 1/4th as much blood from you as it would normally to replace what’s lost.

Iron Grip,
They wont even be able to pry it from your cold dead hands. You don’t drop something until you feel it’s ready to fall. Your handshakes are a terrible thing.

Balloon Boy,
You can produce helium internally naturally, and vent it from…uh…you can vent it. It will slow your falls, and even lift you a little off the ground. You will look a bit puffy however. It can’t be helped. You don’t do it for the show.

Your hands and feet can produce magnetic fields. They allow you to walk up metal surfaces, or pick metal things up without having to grip them. You will have to rest for a while once you turn them off however. It takes up a lot of energy.

Razor Edge,
There is a razor sharp edge somewhere on your body. Typically the spine or sides of your arms. Hopefully not in other places.

Stove Top,
Your back can heat up like a grill, starting fires on flammable materials against it. You can lay down and cook up a meal. Just don’t forget to take your shirt off. That could get messy.

Cushy Padding,
You are doughy, and smooshy. Falling down doesn’t hurt you much, and you are comfortable laying pretty much anywhere. Your padding proves a little protection from damage and non piercing projectiles tend to get stuck or bounce off you. You just have to endure the emotionally crippling teasing. Fatty.

You have developed a secondary skeletal structure outside your skin, either bone or shell. It covers most of your skin, providing you with external armour. It is however difficult to find clothes that fit.

You are a water filter. Drinking dirty, polluted, or toxic water has no ill effect on you. Once it reaches your stomach it may as well be sparkling fresh glacier water. Your backwash is also pretty clean if you can find anyone willing to drink it after that.

Frightening Visage,
You are horrifying. Mutation has left you disfigured in such a way that even post apocalyptic survivors find you nightmarish. You get a hefty bonus to intimidation skill checks and may use your appearance as a method of reducing others sanity. You however can’t turn ugly off.

Foul Stench,
You can produce odour unlike anything in the wastes. You emit noxious gas from large pores on your body at will which have various possible effects on your victims.

Super Elephantiasis,
Parts of your body have become monstrous and oversized, even more so then with the standard affliction. Mutation has caused these body parts to grow beyond imaginable levels. It’s up to you to make the best out of an admittedly poor situation.

Blind Sonar,
You are blind as a bat, which means you can see great but only with sonar. You are capable of producing sonic screeches to determine your surroundings.

Compound Eyes,
Either side of your head is a large bubble, a bank of bug like compound eyes. You can’t see things in the distance, but your close range vision is very wide and quick. You detect movement and changes in light with far more success then those with regular eyes. .

Hardened Teeth,
You have strong teeth. You can bite most anything. Your teeth just don’t break, as if they were made of solid steel.

Egg Production,
You lay eggs. This mutation is not just female only. You have mutated to produce eggs and by god you will. You lay 2-3 semi large eggs daily, which are edible.

You have grown udders like that of a cow. You produce milk naturally, about 3 gallons a day. It needs to be processed before it can be consumed however, as it contains bacteria.

You have a stinger on your body, like a wasp. You can awkwardly strike with it, injecting mild venom into a foe.

You produce saliva in an alarming quantity. If you concentrate you can stop, but normally it just pours out. It is very slippery, and anyone who steps in it will lose their footing immediately. Your saliva is also full of bacteria and is lethal if swallowed by others.

Ink Sac,
You have a compartment somewhere below the belt that can eject large squirts of black ink in self defence. It blinds and stains, and is also very slick underfoot.

You are as good as a garden bed. Your skin is mushy and moist. Pushing seeds into your flesh will cause them to grow from your body at a natural rate if you remain well hydrated. Becoming dehydrated while growing plants can be hazardous to you.

Light Eater,
Your body pulls more nutrients from digested food then anyone else. You require only an eighth of the normal needed food intake.

Rad Resistant,
You are rad. It takes a hell of a lot of radiation to make you sweat.


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