• Alex


    Average size, athletic build, short cropped hair cut; looks like a military man.
  • Dan Bon Dong

    Dan Bon Dong

    An elderly Korean man.
  • El Raúl

    El Raúl

    Mexican love bandito.
  • Mi Dang

    Mi Dang

    Little asian girl with webbed fingers.
  • Recruiter - Kurt

    Recruiter - Kurt

    A recruiter for the blue tribe as well as apparent head of operations in the current area of the city.
  • Ufuk Demir

    Ufuk Demir

    Scientist, botanist, builder, and sneak.
  • Walter Stevens

    Walter Stevens

    A 13 year old kid that was 8 years old when the bombs fell.
  • Yu Dang

    Yu Dang

    Younger sister of Mi